SOcial Media Tools: Instagram


Social Media is one of HubSpot's core tool suites, used for top of the funnel content to lead conversion and delight. The addition of Instagram as an option in HubSpot is one of our most requested features.



The Challenge

Unlike other popular social networks, Instagram has closed APIs meaning 3rd parties cannot publish on behalf of the user. While the user can create content and schedule posts on desktop, there remains the manual process of publishing on a mobile device, adding complication. This is a commonly used flow for HubSpot's customers using other Instagram scheduling tools, but will be confusing for users who have not done so before. 


Work with HubSpot's Mobile App team to create a seamless experience between desktop and mobile onboarding, connecting accounts and devices, and publishing

Pull in Instagram's new Business Account analytics into HubSpot

Integrate new analytics with existing HubSpot reporting platform, so that all social media efforts are located in one place



After initial competitor and industry research, I ran 3 different rounds of user testing to discover general Instagram usage trends and test early prototypes for onboarding, connecting devices and composing. 


user test findings

  • Don't edit images in Instagram; will use Photoshop or VSCO 
  • A few users have started to update Instagram bio link to correspond with new content
  • While users wouldn't necessarily expect it, they would want HS to update if the message had been edited in Instagram before publishing
  • Wouldn't check off the 'don't ask me again' check box when prompted to go straight to Instagram to publish or double check in correct account
  • Users want a reminder if they ignore first notification 
  • All users save commonly used hashtags in Notes on phone or some sort of Google doc

User flow: Instagram compose


User flow: connecting accounts

Onboarding and Device Connection Flow

Desktop Compose Flow


Mobile Publish Flow


This project is currently a work in progress. The Alpha should be finished by end of August 2017.