Integration Marketplace


HubSpot customers use a constellation of different softwares to run their businesses. Our goal is to make HubSpot a true all-in-one platform, bringing these applications under one roof by expanding our number of available integrations.


The Challenge

The current Integrations home separates HubSpot-made Integrations and Featured or externally-made Integrations. There was no easy way for a user to see what integrations he currently has, unless it's HubSpot-made. Users couldn't uninstall a 3rd party integration in app and were struggling to find the correct support, leading to over 200 unnecessary support tickets a month.


Decrease the number of support tickets associated with 3rd party integrations.

Create a My Integration home with visible support and uninstall links.

Combine HubSpot and 3rd party integration listings.


Industry and Competitor comparison

Quickly noticed common trends and components being used.

  • Cards - Most used cards; most had cards or a type of open table, relying heavily on app icon/image
  • Listing page - either had left side panel or top panel, but always included Search; mostly included simple filtering and pre-set categories
  • Individual integration detail page - yes, all had a deep dive page for each integration
  • Installation in app - combination; many had several options, depending on the app (install immediately in-app or taken to external page to kick off integration)
  • Your Apps - not consistent across companies
  • Style and Interaction - Most had simple cards with slight on hover action; full card/area was clickable, not just components
  • Other - A few had visible options to ‘add your own app’ and other info on how to get added to marketplace. Most had tagging or categories


Since this has been launched into production, we've seen an increase in implemented integrations and a large decrease in monthly support tickets concerning integrations.