Enriched Meeting Notifications


HubSpot builds CRM software and Sales tools that aim to make Sales teams more successful and effective on a day-to-day basis.




The Challenge

Sales reps repeatedly search through several sources to prep for a prospect meeting. These sources could include everything from Salesforce, email threads, LinkedIn profiles, web searches, industry specific articles, and even the HubSpot CRM itself. With schedules of up to 15 prospects a day, Sales team members spend hours just on meeting preparation.



Surface useful and relevant information to Sales reps to improve productivity and minimize prep time.
Increase freemium usage, leading to an increased number of paid upgrades.



Prior to starting on this project, the product manager had already performed internal research with our Sales teams to get a handle on how HubSpot Sales reps normally handle prospect meetings and how they compile useful information. The following are items Sales reps commonly search along with ‘blue sky’ ideas.



After several rounds of mockups and user testing, we decided to prioritize the ability to skim and quickly discover content in the designs, moving away from previous designs and dropping a few features such as easy talking points like sports games and weather. 

Final Designs

Final Designs



These notification emails were released during HubSpot’s INBOUND 2015 conference and are now in production. At this time, all HubSpot accounts have access to these emails and it has one of our best open rates of about 65%.