Atlas permissions Tool


An internal tool was needed to make it easier to associate permissions to new HubSpot add-ons and apps. 




While normally a very technical and convoluted process owned by one infrastructure team, we wanted to bring the ability to associate permissions directly to the teams making the new apps and make it manageable by their Product Managers. Parcels are a new concept that are groups of scopes (eg. what parts of the app you can access) and limits (eg. number of emails you can send), which make up permissions. 


Final Designs


For auditing purposes and general tool cleanliness, a History tab was added to each parcel. Similar to GitHub, commit or edit comments are added to each card. A user can dive deeper into each edit for troubleshooting purposes.



After several successful rounds of user testing, we have rolled this out to HubSpot's Product and Engineering Department. Next, I want to add in onboarding and in-context directions.